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What is balanced dog training?

It’s a term that describes a FULL tool box. We (trainers) use all the tools to help us empower owners and communicate clearly with dogs. We use E Collars, prong collars, food, clickers, etc.

If I wanted to get started with balanced training on my own – can I do that?

Sure! Check out our E Books to get started. Our E Collar Starter Guide gives you all the information you need to feel confident and reassured when working with your dog.

Will the E Collar hurt my dog?

The E Collar we (Walking Dog Training) recommend using is the Mini Educator which has 100 levels. The technology is very similar to a tens unit – like the ones used in physical therapy. It can be uncomfortable at higher levels, but for the most part, think of it like an invisible leash. We start to introduce it at lower levels to teach dogs what this new pressure means when paired with leash guidance.